Philips presents: Obsessed With Sound

Listen to the orchestra, single out each musician and hear every detail.

Open Campaign

The challenge:

Create engaging content for people who are pure sound aspirers. And demonstrate that with Philips' audio products, they can truly hear every detail.

The idea:

A unique interactive music video with the Metropole Orchestra where users could single out each musician to hear every detail, and discover more about the musicians.

The interface:

The interface was designed to be intuitive to navigate, and to show a great amount of information in a transparent and easy-to-understand way, leading users naturally through the entire experience.

Watch the unique music video and single out each musician to hear every detail

When singled out, the musician's detailed information is shown through infographics

Every music track has its own visualisation showing you every note that's being played

By simply clicking anywhere within the video you switch back to the entire orchestra