the idea

To highlight KLM’s pioneering spirit in air travel, we created an inspirational competition: KLM SPACE. On April 22nd we launched a high altitude balloon and activated a worldwide audience to predict where in the outer atmosphere it would pop. The best prediction won a real spaceflight.

10 april

make your prediction

In the two weeks leading up to the launch of the balloon, an interactive movie on the website explained the competition and challenged people to join. Contestants had to predict the balloon’s highest point and claim this as their place in space. By sharing this virtual place with friends, their place grew and so did their chances. The unique design combined high-end graphics with 3D animation for storytelling purposes and offered the ultimate game experience.

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22 april

follow the balloon

GPS and streaming video let people follow the balloon’s journey live. The website offered dynamic, real-time overviews of all 129.288 claimed places and continuously informed contestants of their position relative to the balloon and other nearby contestants.

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To make the experience engaging for everybody, anywhere at any time, we designed separate versions of the desktop site for tablets and other mobile devices. Focussing on the maximum possible user experience and design quality for each device.

supporting media

To generate online traffic KLM engaged a worldwide audience through an effective mix of bought, owned and earned media.

  • seeding video
  • E-DM
  • online magazine
  • social media
  • smart sharing


KLM Space – a 12 day campaign.

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